Though they can be much less expensive, 2 year colleges are not a poor man’s 4 year colleges. Check out 6 things a 2 year college degree can do for you:

1. Give you a second chance
If you didn’t “work up to your potential” in high school, you’re not alone. Many students find themselves unable to get into 4 year colleges, so they find their fit at 2 year colleges instead. A hard-earned 2 year college degree can put you back on equal academic footing with your peers as you compete for jobs.

2. Enable you to go back to school without breaking the bank
In 2009-2010, average published tuition and fees at public 2 year colleges were $2,544, as reported by the College Board. Compare that to $7,020 for in-state students at public 4 year colleges and universities. If you’re taking out loans to fund your higher education expenses, a 2 year college degree allows for less debt down the road.

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