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A College Degree, 55 Years and an Era in the Making

As she prepares for her commencement at the University of North Texas here on Saturday, Burlyce Sherrell Logan can still hear the words the institution’s president spoke at her freshman welcoming ceremony. ‘There are some people here — you know who you are — that we don’t want here, but the state says can be [...]

Push for Higher Education Plan Comes to Shove for a University Chancellor

At the end of a turbulent week in Texas higher education, the circumstances of the chancellors of the state’s two largest university systems stand in stark contrast. On Tuesday, Mike McKinney, chancellor of the Texas A&M University system, abruptly announced his retirement, effective July 1. According to multiple higher education sources, it was a move [...]

Colleges Find New Ways to Tap Into Mobile Tech

The State University of New York at Stony Brook' new mobile app gives campus tours anytime, even when regular tours aren't operating.  The free app is available for iPhones or for phones running on Googles's Android system. An app called Aspects of Anatomy brings flashcards into the YouTube age.  Designed by a professor at the [...]

State’s Top Universities Offer New Opportunity

To lawmakers — at least those who know about it — the addition tacked onto an omnibus public education accountability bill in the 2009 legislative session is known as the “Doogie Howser” or the “Let My People Go” amendment. It laid the groundwork for a new option for high school students eager to head to [...]

Law School Chances: LSAT vs. GPA

How exactly do admissions officers weigh your LSAT score and GPA? Well, it's complicated. LSAC's website will help you calculate your chances at various law schools. It uses each law school's "admissions index" (a formula unique to each school weighing LSAT scores and GPAs). Read more...

Pitzer College in California Adds Major in Secularism

Colleges and universities have long offered majors in religion or theology. But with more and more people now saying they have no religion, one college has decided to be the first to offer a major in secularism. Starting this fall, Pitzer College, a small liberal arts institution in Southern California, will inaugurate a department of [...]

Apathy causes students to study less

Despite increasing tuition rates, more students are attending college than ever before. But are students actually learning anything? Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa recently published “Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses,” which exposes national issues of higher education and claims that undergraduates are slacking more than ever before. In today’s society, a college degree [...]

Free Courses “Netted” by the Webbys

Worth a quick mention. Today our constantly-growing list, 350 Free Online Courses from Top Universities, was featured by Netted, a daily newsletter written by the Webbys, the same people who give awards for excellence on the web. I don’t know if we’re achieving excellence on the web. But I do know this: It’s hard to [...]

Private Student Loans vs. Paying Tuition with Credit Cards

One question that some students and parents have is whether to make up the difference between total cost of attendance and financial aid with a private student loan or a credit card. Generally, using a credit card to pay for your tuition is not advised. In fact, many colleges and universities actively discourage the use [...]

What Comes First: The Career Choice or The Internship?

The “what came first, the chicken or the egg” question, for internships… Should your college major dictate the types of internships you seek – or do your internships ultimately help you choose a major you know you’ll enjoy? Many, many students have surely had success at both approaches – but let’s consider the following: It [...]