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Students at Rutgers Occupy a Building

Demanding a tuition freeze, better wages for workers and a greater voice for students, about a dozen undergraduates at Rutgers University on Wednesday occupied Old Queens, the historic administration building in New Brunswick, N.J., where the president, Richard L. McCormick, has his office. The students, representing a number of campus organizations, said that Dr. McCormick [...]

Dropping Out to Start Up: Think Twice

A few months ago I attended a talk at Stanford. The room was packed with aspiring entrepreneurs — standing room only — and the atmosphere felt like the Dalai Lama of Silicon Valley was about to arrive. At 8pm, Peter Thiel, a Stanford Philosophy major and alum of the Stanford Law School, took the stage [...]

6 Things a 2 Year College Degree Can Do for You

Though they can be much less expensive, 2 year colleges are not a poor man's 4 year colleges. Check out 6 things a 2 year college degree can do for you: 1. Give you a second chance If you didn't "work up to your potential" in high school, you're not alone. Many students find themselves [...]

College Costs and Selectivity May Influence Health and Behavior Choices

Tuition increases at community colleges might lead to more student debt, more federal-aid disbursements, and ... more high-school kids smoking and flirting in the 7-Eleven parking lot? That is the implication of a paper published online this month by the Economics of Education Review. (An earlier, ungated version is available here.) Read more...

7 Things to Know About the Nontraditional Student Application

Applying to college is not a one-size-fits-all-experience… and when you don’t fit the mold of the traditional 18-year-old college student, that’s a good thing. Whether you’re in your 20s or you’re approaching centenarian status, chances are that traditional college admissions policies and procedures don’t apply to you. Before you get started on your back-to-school journey, [...]

The Never-Ending Nursing Education Debate

Here’s the funny thing about the nursing profession: with three very different education paths to take, you’ll end up with the same job no matter which one you choose. Whether you earn a diploma in nursing, an associate degree in nursing (ADN), or a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), once you pass the National [...]

Social Media in the M.B.A. Classroom

It's important for today's business students to be schooled in Internet marketing and social media strategy. With 175 million registered users on the micro-blogging site Twitter, and Facebook reporting 500 million active members, tomorrow's M.B.A.s need to develop and manage marketing strategies that address the nuances of the online world. Read more...

Personal Branding, the Old-Fashioned Way

Depending on the field, there are specific requirements that need to be included when applying for a job. During my search for a public relations, marketing, social media or other service position, I’ve noticed that most employers require applicants to include their Twitter and blog information. I always include these on my hard copy resume, [...]

Student-Aid Experts Suggest Trims for Pell Grant Program

Financial-aid experts typically advocate putting more money into the federal Pell Grant program. But now, with cuts very much on the table—the U.S. House of Representatives passed a budget resolution for the 2012 fiscal year on Friday that would take the maximum grant back to pre-stimulus levels—they are making recommendations for how to trim it. [...]

Use 6 Tips to Get Off College Wait Lists

The word on the street is that college wait lists are huge this year. But what does that mean? Are colleges rejecting more students, albeit more gently, by way of the wait list—or are we seeing the emergence of new enrollment strategies? Experience would suggest that is it much more the latter than the former. [...]