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Unpaid Interns: Rewarded or Exploited?

Ross Perlin unfairly views colleges as complicit in labor law abuses (“Unpaid Interns, Complicit Colleges,” Op-Ed, April 3). Most interns do benefit — not monetarily, but by gaining experience. This bridges education and the workplace and helps students get jobs. Unfortunately, most interns have to pay for college credits, do unpaid work and forsake paying [...]

Colleges Bring Campuses to Facebook

Times have changed in college admissions. Gone are the days when a prospective student could be targeted, contacted, and recruited all with a single pamphlet in the mail. High schoolers can now learn a wealth of information about a university just by logging onto Facebook and peering into conversations taking place. Not to be outdone, [...]

The Best Internships

The summer before my senior year of college, I took a paid internship in NYC. I don’t remember what the job was supposed to have been, because I basically I spent two miserable months sitting at a desk doing nothing. It was a nightmare. My unpaid senior-year internship, however, was awesome – and it turned [...]

Pay of State University Presidents Holds Steady Despite Cuts

In a year in which state universities often absorbed sharp budget cuts and raised tuition, the salaries of the presidents of those institutions largely held steady, according to a survey by The Chronicle of Higher Education released Sunday night. The median total compensation for the leaders of 185 of the nation’s largest state research universities [...]

Here, Tweeting Is a Class Requirement

Big consumer-products companies are going back to school. Businesses including Sprint Nextel Corp., Levi Strauss & Co. and Mattel Inc. are sponsoring college classes and graduate-level research to get help with their online marketing from the young and hyperconnected. Sprint, for example, supplies a class at Boston's Emerson College with smartphones and unlimited service in [...]

Dean at For-Profit Kaplan Seeks to Raise Standards

Thomas Boyd, dean of Kaplan University's School of Business and Management, is looking to polish the online school's reputation. Mr. Boyd, who was appointed last April, has since ushered in new strategies to try to elevate the for-profit business school's status, including a plan to improve the quality of professors and help graduates find better [...]

Stressed Out? Slack Off

Are slackers more adept at handling work-life stress than type-A go-getters? A new study finds that may be the case. Those who cope with work-family conflict by becoming busier and looking for more resources to solve problems – type-A multitaskers — actually experience more stress and strain, says the study in the Journal of Applied [...]

The Environmentally Friendly M.B.A.

Environmentally conscious M.B.A. students are increasingly looking for more from their education than a patina of financial acumen and a degree that will ratchet up their income. These students have adopted the goal of sustainability; that is, conducting business in a way that keeps the world in good physical shape for future generations. Read more...

Dual-Degree Programs Are Gathering Steam

When it comes to academic innovation, Americans have long been accustomed to the traffic being mainly one way. From standardized testing to distance learning and alumni fund-raising, what happens on U.S. campuses this year will probably happen 5 or 10 years later in the rest of the world. But the growth of joint- and dual-degree [...]

Child-Friendly College Programs for Parents

Having a child during high school or college can make earning a bachelor's degree difficult, but the barriers don't have to be insurmountable. With the help of school programs across the country, from residential support systems to campus lactation rooms, there are options available to women and their children. Here are some of the ways [...]