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5 Reasons to Consider Test-Optional Colleges

College entrance testing has long been the bane of existence for young people, as their ability to achieve a competitive score has held the key to college acceptance. Hit a good number—at or above the posted average for an institution—and you've got a good chance of getting in. Or so the perception goes. Fall short, [...]

How Double Majors Can Ruin Your Life: Two Arguments for Doing Less

The Overwork Ethic I recently received an e-mail from a freshman at the Illinois Institute of Technology. It began: “I’m trying to follow your advice and avoid killer semesters, but it seems kind of hard.” He then detailed his crowded course schedule, which included electrical engineering, physics, computer science, and an organic chemistry class, the [...]

Is Primary Care Right for You?

Let's be honest. While studying optics or organic chemistry in the wee hours of the morning three weeks before taking the MCAT, almost every aspiring medical student says that they would give anything to get into any medical school. But not all schools are the same and it isn't just a difference in prestige, faculty, [...]

3 Scholarship Steps for Current College Students

Many students believe that scholarships aren't open to students already enrolled in college, but that's actually a misconception. In fact, there are many scholarships available to current college students. If you've been forced to take out loans to pay for college, don't pass up the opportunity to lessen your loan burden by researching and applying [...]

More Graduate Students Consider Study Abroad

Studying in other countries has often seemed a privilege reserved for undergraduates—not busy, focused, and frequently overextended graduate students. But times are changing, experts say. "To be a competent professional and to be competitive today, you need international experience," says Peggy Blumenthal, senior counselor to the president at the Institute of International Education (IIE) in [...]

Print Media Is Here to Stay

Smart phones, compact computers and other technological advancements have changed the way journalists cover and distribute news. However, despite the instant access and immediate satisfaction offered to consumers by new media, some may not be ready to grasp digital media. An assistant professor of mass communications and journalism at Kentucky State University, Shabazz said that [...]

Summer Grant for Summer School in Texas

Although the state and the federal government may soon be slashing student financial aid--something not at all advisable, given the importance of an educated workforce to keep the economy going--there is still some sources of aid available, if only for a limited time. The state of Texas and U.S. Board of Higher Education have teamed [...]

U.S. News Urges Law School Deans to Improve Employment Data

The release of the new 2012 Best Law Schools rankings is scheduled for March 15, 2011. In an effort to make our law school employment data more reflective of the current state of legal employment, U.S. News has modified how we calculate the employment rates that are used in the new law school rankings. We [...]

Bucking Trend, College Will Cut Price

For those who wonder how college tuition costs manage to keep rising year after year, apparently defying laws of economic gravity, Sewanee, a liberal arts college in Tennessee, has an answer: they can’t. On Wednesday, Sewanee announced that it will cut its $46,000 annual bill for students by 10 percent in the fall. The college, [...]

2012 Best Graduate Schools Preview: Top 10 Engineering Schools

Applying to graduate school is a journey that involves deciding what to study, finding the right school, and submitting applications to competitive programs. To put you on that path, each year, U.S.News & World Report surveys more than 1,200 graduate schools and programs and ranks them according to our methodology. U.S. News surveyed programs at [...]