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College Scholarships for Dads

One way to make sure you kids and family are taken care of is to make sure your own skills are up to date and in demand. So heading back to college can be a great way to make more money in the long run, and there are even a lot of programs out there [...]

The Importance of IT Certification

It’s not easy to get a job these days, even when there are jobs to be had. Case in point: A friend of mine is a nurse manager in the psych ward of a major hospital, and she hasn’t been able to find anyone who’s qualified to be her assistant nurse manager. But that’s another [...]

More College Graduates Take Public Service Jobs

If Alison Sadock had finished college before the financial crisis, she probably would have done something corporate. Maybe a job in retail, or finance, or brand management at a big company — the kind of work her oldest sister, who graduated in the economically effervescent year of 2005, does at PepsiCo. But she graduated in [...]

10 Colleges With the Most Older Students

There are a myriad of reasons that people opt to postpone their journey into higher education. Some students graduate and decide to take a "gap year" between high school and their freshman year of college to travel, study, volunteer, or seek their calling. Some stressed high school graduates use this time to rest and recharge [...]

Nation battles college racism, slurs

Recent racial conflicts at colleges in the United States are not as severe at the University, students said, but less blatant racism does occur. Two incidents recently occurred at the University of Alabama, according to campus newspaper The Crimson White. A member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity used a racial slur to insult a [...]

U.S. Public Universities Face ‘Uneven’ Immediate Future

Four-year public universities in the United States may face increased competition with community colleges and private universities in the wake of the economic downturn, a report says. The report, by Standard & Poor’s, found that the public university sector is improving, albeit sluggishly, after severe cuts in state budgets and heavy investment losses. Released recently, [...]

Which Colleges Claim to Meet Students’ Full Financial Need?

Some schools, though not many, claim to be able to meet their students' full financial need. Determining your financial need begins with calculating your expected family contribution (or EFC) using information you provide on the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA takes into account your family's earning power, size, and savings, among [...]

Students Honored for Excellence in Journalism

The Black College Communication Association presented its annual Excellence in Journalism Awards on Feb. 12 in Columbia, S.C at the National HBCU Student News Media Conference.  South Carolina State University and Benedict College were the host. The awards honor the finest work of student-produced newspapers at historically black colleges and universities. The contest also serves as [...]

Obama’s Budget Proposes a Significant Increase for Schools

President Obama proposed a 2012 Department of Education budget on Monday that would, if approved, significantly increase federal spending for public schools, and maintain the maximum Pell grant — the cornerstone financial-aid program — at $5,550 per college student. Read more...

Prepaid College-Savings Plans Take Another Hit

Even as college costs keep rising and recession-scarred families scramble for aid, several cash-strapped states have abandoned or scaled down one of the most popular college-savings options: prepaid tuition credits. The next casualty may be Washington state, where legislators announced last week that the state's prepaid tuition 529 plan, called Guaranteed Education Tuition, may be [...]