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Is the College Debt Bubble Ready to Explode?

Kelli Space, 23, graduated from Northeastern University in 2009 with a bachelor's in sociology — and a whopping $200,000 in student loan debt. Space, who lives with her parents and works full-time, put up a Web site called soliciting donations to help meet her debt obligation, which is $891 a month. That number jumps [...]

Real Learning Experiences: Farming, Fishing, Fighting Fires

Soon another wave of college seniors will start looking for work as their graduation date nears—a troubling fact given that so many Class of 2010 grads are reportedly still looking for meaningful jobs. Add in the tens of thousands undergrads who will seek summer internships, and the job market for the sub-23-year-old crowd looks very [...]

For the College-Bound, Smart Ways to Borrow

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I asked my niece, a college senior, how much her classmates were borrowing to pay for college. She regaled me with the tale of one student who took out a $100,000 loan to study abroad in Australia. That kind of borrowing is one example of the student loan bubble I wrote [...]

How Hard Is Nursing School?

Nursing school isn't easy, nor should it be. There's a lot to learn to become a nurse, and you don't want to enter such a demanding career without adequate preparation. Just how difficult you find nursing school, of course, depends on you. Choosing a Nursing Program A major factor in the difficulty of nursing school [...]

Business Schools Tackle Social Media

As social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter transform the way companies communicate, business-school professors are scrambling to keep up with the fast-moving phenomenon of online networking, and help their students learn how to use the new technologies wisely. Academic research on the uses of social media, initially the province of technology experts, has moved into [...]

8 Steps for Learning Disabled Students Who Want to Go to College

Most of the 3 percent or so of teens who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities struggle so much in their high school classes that they give up on hopes of college, setting back their job and career prospects, according to statistics compiled by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. But there are new reasons [...]

Law School Admission Trends

There's a lot going on at this time of year, and in today's post I'd like to give you a heads-up on a few different issues: Fewer LSAT Takers This Year The good news: 10 percent fewer people took the LSAT this October than last October according to the Most Strongly Supported blog. However, MSS [...]

House-Passed Bill Would Avert Cut in Pell Grants

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a spending bill on Wednesday that would close a $5.7-billion gap in the Pell Grant program and avert a cut to the maximum award. The spending measure, known as a continuing resolution, would finance the government through the end of the current fiscal year, September 30. While it would [...]

Special Report: Are Colleges Graduating Their Students?

Jerome Thompson entered the University of Akron in 1996, fresh out of high school. He dropped out within a year, saying in retrospect that he lacked the maturity and discipline to continue his studies. "It was, Should I go to class that day, or am I gonna hang out?" he says. "OK, I'm gonna hang [...]

The China Boom

IN her ballroom dance class, Li Wanrong has learned to tango and cha-cha. At lunch one day, she tried a strange mix of flavors — pepperoni pizza, the spicy sausage and oozing cheese nearly burning her tongue. Then there was that Friday night before going clubbing for the first time when new friends gave her [...]