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Does It Matter Where You Go to College?

Will you have a better life if you graduate from an elite school? Students and their parents think the answer is yes, and competition for slots at top-ranked (and costly) schools seems higher than ever. Having a big name college on your resume can impress employers, friends and the opposite sex. The Times columnist Gail [...]

Resources for College Savers

Figuring out which colleges will help your child prosper can be difficult because each college claims to be uniquely better than all others. Luckily, figuring out which fund will help your college savings prosper is much easier: There are several independent analysts who have already done the hard work of identifying the college saving funds [...]

U.N. Wants Universities to Help Foster Development

The United Nations announced last week the formation of a global initiative to involve the academic world in the organization’s work. The project, called the United Nations Academic Impact, will hold its first conference on Dec. 15 in Asturias, Spain. The initiative will include more than 500 institutions from more than 90 countries. A full [...]

100 Best Values in Public Colleges 2009-10

We updated and ranked this list of the top 100 colleges for 2009-10. Sort the overall rankings for both in-state students and out-of-state students, cost, quality measures or financial aid measures (how we scored the schools). Then select All States or any number of individual states (hold down the control key as you click to choose more than one), [...]

The Best Executive M.B.A. Programs

Last year, Takashi Yoshizaki was halfway through his executive M.B.A. studies at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business when his employer announced it would file for bankruptcy. This could have been a worrisome development, to say the least, since he was personally committed to pay the $150,000 in tuition. But Mr. Yoshizaki, 37 [...]

3 Ways the Government Overestimates Your Ability to Pay for College

Parents who fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, are often shocked by how much the federal government thinks they can afford to pay for college when they receive their official "Expected Family Contribution," or EFC. Those who have investigated exactly how the government calculates the EFC say there's a reason: [...]

Can’t Pick a College Major? Create One

Megan Kolb was so passionate about music, theater, dance and the production of stage shows that when the time came to choose a major in college, she couldn't decide which to pursue. So she combined them all and made up her own major: performing arts management. Ms. Kolb, the only student with that degree when [...]

Know What You’re Getting Into

I am proud to be a lawyer and I am proud to help other people reach their dream of becoming a lawyer. However, there have been numerous stories recently that may discourage you from applying to law school. There are negative and disgruntled law students and attorneys warning you about the evils of law schools, [...]

There’s More Than One Way to Apply to College

AS if college hopefuls didn’t have enough decisions to make, here’s one more: which application to use. Advances in digital technology have created competition for the Common Application, the pioneer of the one-app-fits-all concept, and so the ways to apply to college have multiplied in the last few years. There’s the upstart Universal College Application, similar in [...]

Colleges Weigh How to Estimate Cost to Families

A college degree is a big purchase. It is also a mysterious one. In many cases, families don't know the bottom-line price they will pay at a particular college until the financial-aid award letter arrives, often mere weeks before their son or daughter must make a decision about where to enroll. Even then, deciphering the [...]