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President Obama Phones Student Journalists

President Barack Obama held a telephone press conference with college and university student-journalists across the nation earlier this week. More than 100 colleges and universities were invited to be a part of this conference call, and later had the opportunity to ask Obama questions. Students from schools such as the University of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania State [...]

The Danger of the Dream Job Delusion

The dream job is a powerful trope in the job satisfaction literature. For example, here’s the opening paragraph from a popular career advice guide: “[A] New York investment banker becomes a small-town college chef. A college professor becomes a chocolatier. An entrenched corporate exec…converts to the ministry.” These are all dream jobs. When Tim Ferriss [...]

Sloan Awards Honor Nation’s Top Online Programs

The University of Illinois—Springfield and Kennesaw State University are among the winners of the 2010 Sloan Consortium Awards for Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning. Sloan-C is an online education association with more than 200 institutional and 700 individual members. Awards were given to schools nominated from Sloan’s pool of member institutions. Though for-profit schools [...]

Where Should College Rankings Rank in Choosing a College?

Everybody in Hollywood understands that reviews are a matter of opinion and that efforts to get people to watch your movie or show will often include activities that have nothing to do with making the show better. As a result, armies of publicists seek to get stars on the covers of magazines and included in [...]

Hack Your Note-Taking System

Every august for the past ten years I have marched into Wal-Mart to buy new school supplies, in most cases bring along my mother and some very archaic ideas of what to buy. My list would include a single-subject spiral notebook for each class (the cheap ones), a 10-pack of pens, a binder, and a [...]

World’s Best Universities: International Students and International Faculty

How is the degree to which a school has become a more international institution evaluated? International reputation is an undeniable component of today's world-class universities. How better to evaluate that than to assess to what degree international students and international faculty are attracted to a given institution? The factors used to measure this quality for [...]

Timetable for Education Guidelines

The United States Department of Education said it would announce a new timetable Friday for releasing the final version of regulations aimed at the for-profit higher-education industry — and education groups are expecting a postponement of the “gainful employment” rule, a controversial rule cutting off federal student aid to programs whose students have the highest [...]

Universities Withstand Dubai’s Financial Crisis

When Dubai opened the world’s most opulent hotel nearly two years ago, developers behind the $1.5-billion project threw what was billed as the most expensive private party ever. Members of the emirate’s royal family mingled with A-list Hollywood celebrities to watch the largest-ever fireworks display, signaling to a world reeling from the collapse of Lehman [...]

Why Does College Cost So Much?

Why does college cost so much? If you have kids in college -- or kids, period -- in America today, the question's more than academic. It can mean having to make a choice between getting your child a college degree or planning a comfortable retirement  for yourself. As college tuition costs soar, a lot of [...]

For-Profit Colleges

The Sept. 12 editorial “Let the Students Profit” in the New York Times properly identified abuses in marketing and recruiting students that need to be addressed at all schools. But the entirely separate “gainful employment” proposed regulations in all likelihood will hurt the predominantly lower income and minority students who are able to attend “open [...]