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Fewer Out-of-State College Students

State colleges and universities, battered by declining endowments and state funding cutbacks, are facing a new and potentially far more troubling financial challenge. Out-of-state students, who pay a huge tuition premium to attend, are doing something no one ever thought they would: They're staying home. Hammered by the recession, they're opting in larger numbers to [...]

Financial-Sector Hiring Continues to Rise in City of London

The number of new jobs in London's financial-services sector rose in July on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis as hiring conditions improved despite weak second-quarter bank earnings and concerns about a double-dip recession, a survey showed Wednesday. The total jobs becoming available in July rose 7% to 6,048, up from 5,645 in June. The number [...]

To Pick a College, Look in the Mirror

Where should you go to college? you have nearly 1,500 colleges and universities to choose among—and that counts just the accredited four-year institutions. The list gets longer still (much longer) if you include community colleges and other accredited institutions that offer two-year associate's degrees. How do you choose when the choice seems to matter so [...]

How To Switch Careers

There’s nothing like a recession that rips more than seven million jobs out of the economy to get you focused on your career. The road back to full employment will be a years-long slog during which survivors will learn this important lesson: The key to success in the 21st-century job market is to reinvent yourself. [...]

Young Lawyers Turn to Public Service

In August 2008, Nathan Richardson committed to following in the footsteps of so many young lawyers before him: a summer position with a big law firm, followed by a job offer before he ever cracked open a third-year textbook. And then everything changed. With offers of employment made in August 2008 and the full force [...]

How to Get In-State Tuition

The hype about colleges' heightened admissions standards and skyrocketing tuition in crowded and financially troubled states such as California may be drowning out the surprising reality that many affordable public colleges in less populated areas are eager for students and are willing to cut good deals. Some schools are even willing to extend their generosity [...]

Could YouTube Be the New Essay in College Applications?

The Flight of Jumbo stars a remote-controlled blue elephant helicopter created and flown by a high school student as an homage to Tufts University's school mascot. Whereas, GMU Song features a student singing an original song along with her ukulele about why she belongs at George Mason University. Then there's Math Dances, starring an energetic [...]

Community Colleges: A Nurturing Environment for the Nontraditional Student

The massive, concrete block building looms frigidly over a flat expanse of green lawn. It’s a far cry from the red-tiled roofs and ivy-covered walls of University of Colorado Boulder. There are no breathtaking views of the nearby Flat Irons here. Instead, wedged between commuter traffic on Santa Fe Avenue and quaint, old-town Littleton, rests [...]

Pulling an All-Nighter for the College Application

Cree Bautista’s application for next year’s freshman class at New York University isn’t due until Jan. 1, but Cree, an incoming high school senior from Pflugerville, Tex., was not taking any chances. Just after 12:01 a.m. on Aug. 1 — when this year’s version of the Common Application, the passport to N.Y.U. and more than [...]

University vs Technical School

University vs technical school is a question on many high school graduates minds. Keep in mind: money, time, life situation, and career goals. Learn about career training at technical schools verses how attending university may help your career. Making a choice between attending a university and attending a technical school depends largely on just a [...]