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So Many Choices in Life, So Much Angst

After the column about my frustration over being on a college wait list, reader Marni Berendsen of Walnut Creek, Calif., suggested to read an article titled "The Tyranny of Choice" that she'd read in the April 2004 Scientific American magazine. Quoting the article, she told us what she thought I should do about my college [...]

Making an Easy Re-Entry Into the Work Force

If you've been unemployed for months and have finally found a job, you're likely thrilled at first. But anxiety often follows that excitement. Starting any new job is hard, and coming back to work after a long layoff can be even harder. You have to re-establish a routine, refresh your skills and rebuild your confidence. [...]

Student Loans Get a Makeover

Families shopping for student loans to help pay for college this fall could find it easier to get a federal loan—and will probably pay less, too—as new laws relegate private lenders to a smaller role. But securing a private loan could require more legwork. The changes, part of a health-care overhaul that was signed into [...]

Internships: Get paid to aid

Sadly, it’s no longer enough to just show up at college, do well in classes, and then step right into a six-figure, soul-satisfying job after four years.  In order to increase your chances of getting that coveted position, you’ll have to spend some time in the trenches now—that summer-stealing concept known as “interning,” where you’ll [...]