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College: more than vocational school?

The "value" of a college education has recently become a hotly debated topic. Respected thinkers such as Will Richard are openly asking whether they will encourage their own children to attend college. Given the cost of higher ed and uncertainty of job acquisition, one should be doing a cost/benefit analysis, I suppose. Can the tens [...]

Hispanics surpass blacks in college enrollment

Hispanics surpassed blacks in 2010 to become the second-largest racial or ethnic group of young adults in America’s colleges, according to a new analysis of Census Bureau data, the Washington Post reports. The number of Hispanic college students ages 18 to 24 rose by a remarkable 24 percent in one year, to 1.8 million, according to [...]

Important Information on Upcoming Best Colleges Rankings

It's now less than one month before the new rankings are being released on Here is some important information that relates to this highly anticipated launch, set for September 13: School photos: Over the past 10 months, more than 700 colleges and universities have added photos of their schools to their online directory homepages [...]

Transferring Between U.S. Medical Schools

Many medical school applicants breathe a sigh of relief when they receive that coveted acceptance letter and then settle into their new school. For a select few, however, a few things change along the way, and a little-known option might emerge: transferring. How do you transfer between medical schools? Unlike undergraduate institutions, it is very [...]

Nanotechnologists Are Targets of Unabomber Copycat, Alarming Universities

A package bomb that injured two professors at a university here this month is the latest in a string of attacks by a new terror group inspired by the Unabomber. Its violent actions have put campuses across Mexico on alert and caused nanotechnology researchers worldwide to take precautions with their mail. Read more...

Latin American Countries Push More Students to Study Abroad

The Brazilian government announced this year that it plans to give 75,000 scholarships for local students to study abroad by 2014. But when officials tell students how and where they might apply, some can't quite get their heads around it. "I can feel that they are thinking, This can't be for me, it has to [...]

A Little Rusty?

On the first day of test prep, after we had tackled a mini-G.R.E., the instructor assured our class that though she was 30 years old, she was still up on the latest test-taking trends. Finally, I thought, a problem I could easily solve. Answer: the last math class I had taken was three years before [...]

Universities Get Advice on How to Avoid Ghostwriting Scandals in Research Articles

Universities have been struggling for years with the problem of researchers who let industry-financed ghostwriters draft biased summaries of their work for publication in medical journals. They're now getting some blunt advice on how to stop it, including from perhaps the most qualified experts: the ghostwriters themselves. In a pair of articles published Tuesday by [...]

Surging college costs price out middle class

What do you get when college costs skyrocket but incomes barely budge? Yet another blow to the middle class. "As the out-of-pocket costs of a college education go up faster than incomes, it's pricing low and medium income families out of a college education," said Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of financial aid sites and  [...]

Golden Gate U. Instructs Foreign Students in the Language of Business

When Erdenetuya Bat-Erdene found out that her score on an English-proficiency exam was too low for her to enroll in a graduate business program at Golden Gate University, she was crushed. But rather than reject her application outright, admissions officials at Golden Gate, a Bay Area institution, offered Ms. Bat-Erdene, a 29-year-old from Mongolia, an [...]