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Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

Teaching is an art, a skill and a challenge that can sometimes be more difficult than aiming in archery. In this article we discuss on the various benefits of teaching English in a foreign country. A lot of teachers prefer working abroad for different reasons. Some common reasons behind teaching abroad are learning the new culture and the [...]

11 States to Receive Grants to Redesign Adult Education

Eleven states have been named as recipients of a grant to improve the quality of adult education and increase the number of skilled people with credentials in the work force. Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, and Wisconsin will each receive $200,000 as part of a program called Accelerating [...]

The Growing Culture of Unpaid Internships

If it seems like an increasing number of internship opportunities are unpaid, that's because they are. And while college students, recent graduates, and even mid-life career-changers are often willing to go without a paycheck to gain experience, not everyone supports this work-for-free phenomenon. Read more...

The returns from a degree: Hesa stats reveal winners and losers

Graduates who left university in 2007 are more likely to be unemployed than those who graduated earlier in the decade, new figures reveal. Data released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show 3.6 per cent of students who graduated in 2007 are believed to be unemployed three and a half years later. Only 2.6 per [...]

Never too late to be a doctor

By the time Mike Moore finishes school and starts his career as a doctor, he'll be in his 50s. As a second-year medical student at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, Moore listens to lectures from younger professors and sits with classmates who are old enough to be his kids. "I kinda stick out a [...]

In Tight Job Market, Some Want Bar Association to Toughen Law-School Accreditation Standards

As the American Bar Association prepares for its annual meeting in Toronto this week, it finds itself under increasing pressure to tighten the spigot on the steady flow of law schools it has been accrediting. Federal regulators and disillusioned law-school graduates have questioned whether the association's standards are rigorous enough at a time when record [...]

Researching open online courses

In fall, we (TEKRI, NRC, UPEI and possibly a few other organizations) are hosting an open online course. The course will run for about 35 weeks and credit options will be available for students in the Athabasca University MDE program and with Georgia Tech. I’ll post links to those registration pages as soon as they [...]

Colleges Join Plan for Faster Computer Networks

A coalition of 29 American universities is throwing its weight behind a plan to build ultra-high-speed computer networks — with Internet service several hundred times faster than what is now commercially available — in the communities surrounding the participating colleges. Read more...

A History of College Grade Inflation

The researchers collected historical data on letter grades awarded by more than 200 four-year colleges and universities. Their analysis (published in the Teachers College Record) confirm that the share of A grades awarded has skyrocketed over the years. Take a look at the red line in the chart below, which refers to the share of [...]

Help the Economy: Donate to a Scholarship

At Scholarship America, we hear time and again from students who receive scholarships through our programs that they benefit from both the financial assistance and the knowledge that their community believes in them enough to subsidize their education. Some students have shared that earning a scholarship was the catalyst for going to college, and to [...]