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4 Overlooked Ways to Pay for College

Paying for college is rarely easy. Ideally, it's a longterm process of building and using a collection of savings, institutional aid, free money, and—if necessary—loans. But with so many avenues for financing your education, it's often difficult to sort out what might work best for you, given your situation and time frame. Whether you'll be [...]

Small Group of For-Profit Colleges Agrees to Observe Standards of Conduct

Facing pressure to shape up from Democrats in Congress, the federal Education Department, accreditors, and even traditional nonprofit institutions, a small group of proprietary colleges is trying to set a good example for the rest of its sector. In an agreement released on Wednesday, the 20 colleges in the group pledge that, by December 15, [...]

10 Least Expensive Private Business Schools

Aside from getting tuition reimbursement assistance from an employer or a scholarship, attending a private business school will be a costly endeavor no matter where a student may choose to enroll. Students paid an average of $31,833 in tuition and required fees during the 2010-11 academic year at the 10 least expensive private business schools [...]

Why a Degree is More Important Than a Smartphone

Stop and share this news with your smartphone: More American adults (35 percent) own a smartphone than a bachelor’s degree (27.5 percent)! I have both – a two-year-old Blackberry Storm (although I’m eagerly waiting for the new iPhone to give it a try), and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia, which [...]

Drug Problem: College Campus Epidemic

Many college students these days do drugs, and I guess, if there is ever a time in one’s life to experiment, it would be before that organic chemistry class. Many theories exist: Is it peer pressure, does it just help students to be calm their nerves, is it just a time to expand the mind?  [...]

NBAA Scholarhip — Deadline

NBAA's scholarship program, generously supported through sponsorships, offers nearly $100,000 annually in cash awards as tuition reimbursement for enrolled students, and that number is nearly matched in monetary and training awards for working professionals. Read more...

4 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting In

Securing a seat at a top M.B.A. program isn't a slam-dunk for anybody, and it's rare that an applicant can't improve his or her candidacy in some way. If you're thinking of applying to business school in the next year or two, there are several steps you can take now that will pay off in [...]

Bridging People and Technology with Design

Rainmakers LIVE! are a team of Stanford University students passionate about entrepreneurship and technology. This last tuesday, they held their second live event at AOL headquarters in Palo Alto called “Bridging People and Technology with Design“. It was an event that comprised of a live panel of speakers with various backgrounds specializing in different areas [...]

The Procrastinating Caveman: What Human Evolution Teaches Us About Why We Put Off Work and How to Stop

Rewind time 100,000 years ago: several different species of humans co-exist on earth.There was, of course, our own species, Homo sapien, but we were joined by our more athletic siblings from the Tree of Life, Homo erectus, who had left Africa and colonized Asia long before we ventured beyond the mother continent, all the while [...]

Weigh the Value of a Summer Business Program

Jamie Noonan, a political science and philosophy major and rising junior at Villanova University, wanted the flexibility to be able to excel in any workplace, but felt that with dual majors rooted in the liberal arts, she lacked the requisite skills to do so. To remedy that, she turned to the school's Summer Business Institute, [...]