Evaluating Schools

How Safe Is Your College

The Yale murder has heightened concerns about campus security. The Daily Beast crunches the numbers and ranks the 25 schools with the biggest crime problems. The shocking murder of Yale doctoral student Annie Le had virtually every parent of a college student asking themselves the same question this week: Will my child be safe on [...]

College vs. University

 As the seniors at Dunnellon High School begin counting down the days to graduate, nervous at the outcome of their decisions in high school and hoping they get to go to their dream school, an important question comes to mind; college or university? How about two years in college to then transfer? The official United [...]

How To Choose a College That’s Right For You

The college search doesn't have to begin and end with the Ivies and the name brand schools. There are many schools out there to choose from — some known and some less known, all worthy of your attention. Here's some advice for trying to find the school that works for you. 1. Start with who [...]

Going Out of State Can Cost You

If she wanted to save money on tuition, Erin Patterson had to make some money quickly. As an out-of-state student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Patterson needed to earn a certain amount on her W-2 in order to claim residency and thus lower her tuition bill. “I had no intention of becoming a resident of [...]

So Many Choices in Life, So Much Angst

After the column about my frustration over being on a college wait list, reader Marni Berendsen of Walnut Creek, Calif., suggested to read an article titled "The Tyranny of Choice" that she'd read in the April 2004 Scientific American magazine. Quoting the article, she told us what she thought I should do about my college [...]

Beware: College Credit for Life Experience

Although many legitimate institutions give academic credit for life and work experiences, beware of institutions that offer college credit and degrees based on life experience, with little or no documentation of prior learning. These institutions do not use valid methods to determine the amount of credit to be awarded. There are many employers, institutions and [...]

.edu Internet Address

Today, most educational institutions are recognized on the Web by their .edu Internet addresses. However, not all institutions that use an .edu as a part of their Internet address are legitimate institutions. Before the U.S. Department of Commerce created its current, strict requirements, some questionable institutions were approved to use an .edu. The current requirements [...]

List of Diploma Mills

Accreditation in the United States is a voluntary, nongovernmental process, in which an institution and its programs are evaluated against standards for measuring quality. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. Accreditation in the United States involves non-governmental entities as well as [...]

How to Identify a Diploma Mill

The Better Business Bureau suggests you watch for the following features and regard them as red flags when considering whether or not to enroll in a school: Degrees that can be earned in less time than at an accredited postsecondary institution, an example would be earning a Bachelor's degree in a few months. A list [...]

What is a Diploma Mill?

Diploma mills are schools that are more interested in taking your money than providing you with a quality education. You need to know how to protect yourself as a consumer. The Higher Education Opportunity Act defines a diploma mill as follows: DIPLOMA MILL- The term `diploma mill' means an entity that-- (A)(i) offers, for a [...]