Paying for College

Low-cost degrees becoming a reality

The universities are starting to see results from a push for more low-cost degree programs. The universities want to offer programs with lower price tags as a way to increase the number of graduates. With shrinking state funding, the programs are also a way for the universities to save money on educating a growing number [...]

Secrets to Winning College Scholarships

Many high school seniors are receiving their college admission letters this month, and by April, schools will notify families of the amount of aid, if any, they'll receive to help pay tuition and other costs. Students matriculating this fall are in for an unpleasant surprise: They'll likely get less assistance from the federal government. Last [...]

Obama’s Budget Proposes a Significant Increase for Schools

President Obama proposed a 2012 Department of Education budget on Monday that would, if approved, significantly increase federal spending for public schools, and maintain the maximum Pell grant — the cornerstone financial-aid program — at $5,550 per college student. Read more...

Best Values in Public Colleges 2011

As colleges and universities across the U.S. struggle with shrinking budgets and increased enrollment, here’s the takeaway for soon-to-matriculate students: Look for schools that deliver an outstanding, affordable education in good times and bad. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, ranked Kiplinger’s number-one best value for public colleges and universities for a remarkable [...]

How to Maximize Your Financial Aid for the 2011-2012 School Year

With the new year upon us, now’s the time to start preparing for your 2011-2012 financial aid. If you know you’ll need to find financial aid, take the time to consider all of your options, and make finding free money (grants and scholarships) your top priority. You can get started today by doing as much [...]

7 Prestigious Undergrad Scholarships

Yes, it's true that scholarships labeled "prestigious" usually have lengthy applications, require special projects, and are certainly more competitive than most. But if you're eligible for one of these scholarships, it definitely can't hurt to apply. After all, someone has to win. If you're one of the lucky ones selected from hundreds or even thousands [...]

50 Mistakes College Students Make

It’s alright to make some mistakes, as long as you learn from them. College is a time to adapt to your world and adapt your worldview to best serve you. However, there are mistakes that can be irreparable if you don’t watch your step. With that in mind, here is a list of 50 mistakes [...]

Pick From the Federal Student Loan Smorgasbord

If you need to borrow to finance your education, federal student loans should be first on your menu. Congress and the U.S. Department of Education regulate federal student loans, setting maximum interest rates, borrowing limits, and other important loan terms. These loans come in loads of different flavors. Here's a taste of what you might [...]

3 Steps Adults Returning to College Must Take

For students going straight to college after high school, the path toward getting in and paying for school is well defined: take your tests, write your essays, fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and apply for scholarships. But for students who have spent some time away from the world of postsecondary [...]

Is Going to an Elite College Worth the Cost?

AS hundreds of thousands of students rush to fill out college applications to meet end-of-the-year deadlines, it might be worth asking them: Is where you spend the next four years of your life that important? Read more...