Paying for College

Timetable for Education Guidelines

The United States Department of Education said it would announce a new timetable Friday for releasing the final version of regulations aimed at the for-profit higher-education industry — and education groups are expecting a postponement of the “gainful employment” rule, a controversial rule cutting off federal student aid to programs whose students have the highest [...]

Why Does College Cost So Much?

Why does college cost so much? If you have kids in college -- or kids, period -- in America today, the question's more than academic. It can mean having to make a choice between getting your child a college degree or planning a comfortable retirement  for yourself. As college tuition costs soar, a lot of [...]

More of the Best and Brightest Heading to Community College

Kira Cassels applied to 11 colleges and got in to every one. The kitchen of her Laurel home came to resemble a high school guidance office, the breakfast table buried beneath brochures and financial aid forms from destinations such as the University of Virginia and Franklin & Marshall College. Over two arduous weeks last spring, [...]

The Red Herring Crusade Against For-Profit Colleges

They're not the whole problem. Colleges of every stripe are soaking up societal resources and saddling students with debt. Some members of Congress have joined in the crusade against for-profit colleges, and not for nothing. Some publicly traded companies are reaping billions in profits--much of it fueled by federal student aid programs--while saddling many students [...]

How to Get In-State Tuition

The hype about colleges' heightened admissions standards and skyrocketing tuition in crowded and financially troubled states such as California may be drowning out the surprising reality that many affordable public colleges in less populated areas are eager for students and are willing to cut good deals. Some schools are even willing to extend their generosity [...]

Best Value Colleges Give Big Scholarships, Deep Discounts

Don't be freaked out by the $50,000-plus annual price tags of Harvard, Princeton, or Amherst. For a growing number of colleges, a majority of students pay far less than those jaw-dropping sticker prices. Click here to find out more! U.S. News analyzed the scholarships and financial aid of the nation's top 1,800 colleges and found [...]

Academic Bankruptcy

With unemployment soaring, higher education has never been more important to society or more widely desired. But the collapse of our public education system and the skyrocketing cost of private education threaten to make college unaffordable for millions of young people. If recent trends continue, four years at a top-tier school will cost $330,000 in [...]

2009-10 College Prices

You hear so much talk about the price of college, it’s easy to get intimidated — but how much does college really cost? The answer is “It varies.” Colleges come in a wide variety and, depending on the choices you make, the price of a college education can be quite reasonable — especially if you [...]

Fees, Tuition, and Estimated Student Budget

UCLA is committed to helping students finance their educations; the Financial Aid Office works closely with all students who need financial assistance.[1] A financial aid award generally consists of a combination of scholarships and grant money from UCLA and other sources, low-interest loans, and a work-study job during the academic year. Read more...

Private Colleges, Considerations Worth Studying

Once when I was in charge of recruiting reporters for a small newspaper, I confronted professors at my alma mater, California State University at Northridge. Why was it, I asked, that when I called in search of their best Journalism School grads, I would get the runaround – but when I called the University of [...]