Paying for College

Colleges Reduce Out-of-State Tuition to Lure Students

California State University, East Bay, has never had the cachet of nearby Berkeley. But it has a great location overlooking the San Francisco Bay and aspires to raise its profile and grow. So starting this year it is trying something different to lure applicants: participating in a regional program resulting in lower tuition for students [...]

Once a Leader, U.S. Lags in College Degrees

Adding to a drumbeat of concern about the nation’s dismal college-completion rates, the College Board  warned Thursday that the growing gap between the United States and other countries threatens to undermine American economic competitiveness. The United States used to lead the world in the number of 25- to 34-year-olds with college degrees. Now it ranks [...]

College Board: 10 Recommendations for College Completion

The College Board Advocacy & Policy Center (CBAPC) recently released a series of resources for educators and policymakers, including a progress report on the United States' goal to become a world leader in educational attainment by 2025. The report tracks several indicators at the state and national levels aligned to recommendations by the Commission on [...]

Government Cuts Thousands of College Work-Study Jobs

Students hoping to earn a little extra cash on campus this fall will have a tougher time as the number of federally funded work-study college jobs nationwide will drop by 162,000 to 768,000 for the 2010-2011 academic year.That's distressing news for students when the unemployment rate for young people continues to top 15 percent, and [...]

Pell Grant History

The Pell Grant program is a type of post-secondary, educational federal grant program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. It is named after U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell and originally known as the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant program. Grants, which do not require repayment, are awarded based on a “financial need” formula determined by the [...]

Rising College Costs: A Federal Role?

The Obama administration, even as it tried to restrain other domestic spending in its 2011 budget request, has called for expanding the Pell Grants, the main federal college aid program for low-income families. If adopted by Congress, the president’s formula would raise the top grant to $5,710 in 2011, compared with $5,550 this year, according [...]

Ivy League schools recruit nontraditional students, too

When Teresa Tanzi thought about going to college in her 30s, she took some classes at a local university and looked around at some other programs aimed at older, nontraditional students. But she was unimpressed. ''They just didn't have big aspirations. The attitude was, 'Yeah, we're giving you a degree because we understand degrees are [...]

How Students Fare at For-Profits

Is it in the harshly critical investigative reports that stitch together one damaging anecdote after another to suggest that the institutions prey on academically underprepared, low-income students, leaving them with huge student loan debts and few job prospects? Or, as the colleges' officials themselves assert, is there a different (and more favorable) truth to be [...]

How To Choose a College That’s Right For You

The college search doesn't have to begin and end with the Ivies and the name brand schools. There are many schools out there to choose from — some known and some less known, all worthy of your attention. Here's some advice for trying to find the school that works for you. 1. Start with who [...]

Going Out of State Can Cost You

If she wanted to save money on tuition, Erin Patterson had to make some money quickly. As an out-of-state student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Patterson needed to earn a certain amount on her W-2 in order to claim residency and thus lower her tuition bill. “I had no intention of becoming a resident of [...]