For Mixed-Race Students, a Question of How Many Boxes to Check

Multiracial students confess to spending sleepless nights worrying about how best to answer the race question on college applications. Some say they wonder whether their answers will be perceived as gamesmanship or a […]

Undocumented students may receive financial aid

California Gov. Jerry Brown recently expressed his support for the ideals of the California Dream Act, a bill that offers financial aid to undocumented college students.

The California Dream Act, like the federal DREAM […]

Law Students Can Find Ways to Pay Off Debt

It’s a tough time economically. Unemployment remains high, which means states face seemingly never ending shortfalls in revenue. The showdown between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill over how to […]

Partnership to Further Global Quest by N.Y.U.

New York University, well on its way to becoming the first truly global university, is starting a new partnership with the University of the People, a unusual nonprofit online school offering free classes to students […]

Elite Colleges and Economic Diversity

As a graduate of an elite high school and college (Trinity School in Manhattan and the University of Pennsylvania), I have noticed how many of my peers come from similarly privileged backgrounds. Graduates […]

Summer Do’s and Don’ts for College Applicants

In the coming weeks, thousands of young people will find their daily routines changing as the academic year comes to a close. Some will go to the beach. Many will sleep […]

Pushing Colleges to Become More Diverse

How can top colleges be persuaded to admit more talented low- and middle-income students? My column this week laid out a strategy for making colleges more economically diverse and meritocratic, based on policies […]

10 Universities With the Smallest Classes

Small classes aren’t commonplace at national universities—schools that award degrees on every level and emphasize research. This tends to hold especially true for freshmen and sophomores, who oftentimes take introductory level courses—typically […]