Apathy causes students to study less

Despite increasing tuition rates, more students are attending college than ever before. But are students actually learning anything?

Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa recently published “Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses,” which exposes […]

Free Courses “Netted” by the Webbys

Worth a quick mention. Today our constantly-growing list, 350 Free Online Courses from Top Universities, was featured by Netted, a daily newsletter written by the Webbys, the same people who give […]

Private Student Loans vs. Paying Tuition with Credit Cards

One question that some students and parents have is whether to make up the difference between total cost of attendance and financial aid with a private student loan or a credit card. Generally, using […]

What Comes First: The Career Choice or The Internship?

The “what came first, the chicken or the egg” question, for internships…

Should your college major dictate the types of internships you seek – or do your internships ultimately help you choose a major you […]

Students at Rutgers Occupy a Building

Demanding a tuition freeze, better wages for workers and a greater voice for students, about a dozen undergraduates at Rutgers University on Wednesday occupied Old Queens, the historic administration building […]

Dropping Out to Start Up: Think Twice

A few months ago I attended a talk at Stanford. The room was packed with aspiring entrepreneurs — standing room only — and the atmosphere felt like the Dalai Lama of Silicon Valley […]

6 Things a 2 Year College Degree Can Do for You

Though they can be much less expensive, 2 year colleges are not a poor man’s 4 year colleges. Check out 6 things a 2 year college degree can do for you:

1. Give you […]

College Costs and Selectivity May Influence Health and Behavior Choices

Tuition increases at community colleges might lead to more student debt, more federal-aid disbursements, and … more high-school kids smoking and flirting in the 7-Eleven […]