U.S. News Urges Law School Deans to Improve Employment Data

The release of the new 2012 Best Law Schools rankings is scheduled for March 15, 2011. In an effort to make our law school employment data more reflective of the current state of […]

Bucking Trend, College Will Cut Price

For those who wonder how college tuition costs manage to keep rising year after year, apparently defying laws of economic gravity, Sewanee, a liberal arts college in Tennessee, has an answer: they can’t.

On […]

2012 Best Graduate Schools Preview: Top 10 Engineering Schools

Applying to graduate school is a journey that involves deciding what to study, finding the right school, and submitting applications to competitive programs. […]

College Scholarships for Dads

One way to make sure you kids and family are taken care of is to make sure your own skills are up to date and in demand. So heading back to college […]

The Importance of IT Certification

It’s not easy to get a job these days, even when there are jobs to be had. Case in point: A friend of mine is a nurse manager in the psych ward of […]

More College Graduates Take Public Service Jobs

If Alison Sadock had finished college before the financial crisis, she probably would have done something corporate. Maybe a job in retail, or finance, or brand management at a big company […]

10 Colleges With the Most Older Students

There are a myriad of reasons that people opt to postpone their journey into higher education. Some students graduate and decide to take a […]

Nation battles college racism, slurs

Recent racial conflicts at colleges in the United States are not as severe at the University, students said, but less blatant racism does […]