U.S. Public Universities Face ‘Uneven’ Immediate Future

Four-year public universities in the United States may face increased competition with community colleges and private universities in the wake of the economic downturn, a […]

Which Colleges Claim to Meet Students’ Full Financial Need?

Some schools, though not many, claim to be able to meet their students’ full financial need. Determining your financial need begins with calculating your expected family contribution (or EFC) using information you […]

Low-cost degrees becoming a reality

The universities are starting to see results from a push for more low-cost degree programs. The universities want to offer programs with lower price tags as a way to increase the number of graduates. With […]

Secrets to Winning College Scholarships

Many high school seniors are receiving their college admission letters this month, and by April, schools will notify families of the amount of aid, if any, they’ll receive to help pay tuition and other costs.

Students […]

Students Honored for Excellence in Journalism

The Black College Communication Association presented its annual Excellence in Journalism Awards on Feb. 12 in Columbia, S.C at the National HBCU Student News Media Conference.  South Carolina State University and […]

Obama’s Budget Proposes a Significant Increase for Schools

President Obama proposed a 2012 Department of Education budget on Monday that would, if approved, significantly increase federal spending for public schools, and maintain the maximum Pell grant — the cornerstone financial-aid program […]

Prepaid College-Savings Plans Take Another Hit

Even as college costs keep rising and recession-scarred families scramble for aid, several cash-strapped states have abandoned or scaled down one of the most popular college-savings options: prepaid tuition credits.

The next casualty […]

Recruiting in China Pays Off for U.S. Colleges

The glossy color brochures, each crammed with photos depicting a Chinese student’s high-achieving life from birth to young adulthood, pile up in the […]