The Best Executive M.B.A. Programs

Last year, Takashi Yoshizaki was halfway through his executive M.B.A. studies at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business when his employer announced it would file for bankruptcy.

This could have been a […]

3 Ways the Government Overestimates Your Ability to Pay for College

Parents who fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, are often shocked by how much the federal government thinks they can afford to pay for college when they receive their official […]

Can’t Pick a College Major? Create One

Megan Kolb was so passionate about music, theater, dance and the production of stage shows that when the time came to choose a major in […]

Know What You’re Getting Into

I am proud to be a lawyer and I am proud to help other people reach their dream of becoming a lawyer. However, there have […]

There’s More Than One Way to Apply to College

AS if college hopefuls didn’t have enough decisions to make, here’s one more: which application to use.

Advances in digital technology have created competition for the Common Application, the pioneer of the one-app-fits-all concept, and so the […]

Colleges Weigh How to Estimate Cost to Families

A college degree is a big purchase. It is also a mysterious one. In many cases, families don’t know the bottom-line price they will pay at a particular college until the financial-aid award letter arrives, […]

2010 State of College Admissions

The National Association for College Admission Counseling just release the 2010 edition of the State of College Admissions. This annual report highlights what is happening […]

Smallest College Endowments Perform Best, Study Finds

College endowments returned an average of 12.6 percent in fiscal 2010 — and, unusually, the smallest endowments performed better than the largest ones, according to preliminary data from 80 colleges and universities gathered for the […]