Tomorrow’s College

Jennifer Black isn’t a fan of technology. Until college, she didn’t know much about online classes. If the stereotypical online student is a career-minded adult working full time, she’s the opposite—a dorm-dwelling, ballet-dancing, […]

Playing Catch-up in Foreign Language Education

A widening gap in school foreign language programs could make it harder for companies to compete in an increasingly diverse population and global […]

A Gap Year for College Graduates

Taking a “gap year”—typically a year off between high school and college—has long been common in other countries and is becoming more so in the United States as well.

However, there is another type of gap […]

The New Ivies

Once upon a time, Ivy League schools rested comfortably on their laurels, knowing their prestige gave them elite status among the world’s finest colleges. 30,000 student votes later, it’s clear that times are […]

What I Wish I’d Known About Applying to College

Every successful college career begins with a successful application. But no matter how nice your handwriting or how profound your essays, the only […]

Curtailing Dropouts at Online Universities

Why do so many students drop out of online classes?

Online courses require more discipline by students—and more effort by professors and advisers—than traditional courses, educators say.

A study released this month by professors at

4 Steps to Get Free Money in Your College Savings Account

Debra Randall’s son got a year’s worth of college textbooks for free. Kevin Makler has already amassed $3,000 in a special college savings […]

Early Action Could Aid in Admission, Report Finds

It is a question on the minds of so many high school seniors at this time of year: How can you raise your chances of getting into your No. 1 college choice?

A report released Wednesday […]