Hack Your Note-Taking System

Every august for the past ten years I have marched into Wal-Mart to buy new school supplies, in most cases bring along my mother […]

World’s Best Universities: International Students and International Faculty

How is the degree to which a school has become a more international institution evaluated?

International reputation is an undeniable component of today’s […]

Timetable for Education Guidelines

The United States Department of Education said it would announce a new timetable Friday for releasing the final version of regulations aimed at the for-profit higher-education industry — and education groups are […]

Universities Withstand Dubai’s Financial Crisis

When Dubai opened the world’s most opulent hotel nearly two years ago, developers behind the $1.5-billion project threw what was billed as the most expensive private party ever. Members of the emirate’s royal […]

Why Does College Cost So Much?

Why does college cost so much? If you have kids in college — or kids, period — in America today, the question’s more than academic. It can mean having to make a choice between getting […]

Rooftop garden at NJIT student center encourages students to eat organic

NJIT is one of several New Jersey colleges and universities experimenting with growing their own organic food. Kean University in Union Township and Fairleigh Dickinson University in Florham Park recently started similar organic gardens. Seton […]

PA College Blocks Facebook and Twitter in Social Experiment

Students at Harrisburg University appeared split on the blackout, with some reporting higher levels of concentration in class and others trying to circumvent the short-term ban.

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For-Profit Colleges

The Sept. 12 editorial “Let the Students Profit” in the New York Times properly identified abuses in marketing and recruiting students that need to be addressed at all schools.

But the entirely separate “gainful employment” […]