Young Lawyers Turn to Public Service

In August 2008, Nathan Richardson committed to following in the footsteps of so many young lawyers before him: a summer position with a big law firm, followed by a job offer before he […]

How to Get In-State Tuition

The hype about colleges’ heightened admissions standards and skyrocketing tuition in crowded and financially troubled states such as California may be drowning out the surprising reality that many affordable public colleges in […]

Best Value Colleges Give Big Scholarships, Deep Discounts

Don’t be freaked out by the $50,000-plus annual price tags of Harvard, Princeton, or Amherst. For a growing number of colleges, a majority of students pay far less than those jaw-dropping sticker prices.
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Could YouTube Be the New Essay in College Applications?

The Flight of Jumbo stars a remote-controlled blue elephant helicopter created and flown by a high school student as an homage to Tufts University’s school mascot. Whereas, GMU Song features […]

What Do ‘Best College’ Rankings Tell Us? Anything?

U.S. News & World Report has released its annual rankings of U.S. colleges and universities. Topping the lists of national universities — “large, research-oriented universities” — and liberal arts colleges — “a category of schools […]

Academic Bankruptcy

With unemployment soaring, higher education has never been more important to society or more widely desired. But the collapse of our public education system and the skyrocketing cost of private education threaten to make college […]

Community Colleges: A Nurturing Environment for the Nontraditional Student

The massive, concrete block building looms frigidly over a flat expanse of green lawn. It’s a far cry from the red-tiled roofs and ivy-covered walls of University of Colorado Boulder. There are no […]

Pulling an All-Nighter for the College Application

Cree Bautista’s application for next year’s freshman class at New York University isn’t due until Jan. 1, but Cree, an incoming high school senior […]