University vs Technical School

University vs technical school is a question on many high school graduates minds. Keep in mind: money, time, life situation, and career goals. Learn about career training at technical schools verses how attending university may […]

Business School Applications up 50%

Business school is becoming an unemployment safe haven, with applications up 50%, but what’s waiting for MBA holders on […]

2009-10 College Prices

You hear so much talk about the price of college, it’s easy to get intimidated — but how much does college really cost? The answer is “It varies.” Colleges come in a wide variety and, […]

Some Firms Struggle to Hire Despite High Unemployment

Longer-term trends are at play. For one, the U.S. education system hasn’t been producing enough people with the highly specialized skills that many companies, particularly in manufacturing, require to keep driving productivity gains. “There are […]

Fees, Tuition, and Estimated Student Budget

UCLA is committed to helping students finance their educations; the Financial Aid Office works closely with all students who need financial assistance.[1] A financial aid award generally consists of a combination of scholarships and […]

Retirees can head back to school with discounts

Nearly six decades after graduating from college, Pete Shannon still can’t get enough of lectures and homework assignments.

The 78-year-old Dallas retiree has taken dozens of […]

Getting Into Med School Without Hard Sciences

For generations of pre-med students, three things have been as certain as death and taxes: organic chemistry, physics and the Medical College Admission Test, known […]

Can Community Colleges Save the U.S. Economy?

Community colleges are deeply unsexy. This fact tends to make even the biggest advocates of these two-year schools — which educate nearly half of U.S. undergraduates — sound defensive, almost a tad whiny. “We don’t […]