Private Colleges, Considerations Worth Studying

Once when I was in charge of recruiting reporters for a small newspaper, I confronted professors at my alma mater, California State University at Northridge.

Why was it, I asked, that when I called in search […]

Colleges Reduce Out-of-State Tuition to Lure Students

California State University, East Bay, has never had the cachet of nearby Berkeley. But it has a great location overlooking the San Francisco Bay and aspires to raise its profile and grow.

So starting this year […]

Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age

At Rhode Island College, a freshman copied and pasted from a Web site’s frequently asked questions page about homelessness — and did not think he needed to credit a source in his assignment because the […]

Advantages of Attending a Community College

Richard O’Brien wasn’t sure he wanted to attend a community college. “Most of my friends were going straight to four-year schools and there is some negative stigma attached to attending community colleges,” he says.

After considering […]

Once a Leader, U.S. Lags in College Degrees

Adding to a drumbeat of concern about the nation’s dismal college-completion rates, the College Board  warned Thursday that the growing gap between the United States and other countries threatens to undermine American economic competitiveness.

The United […]

College Board: 10 Recommendations for College Completion

The College Board Advocacy & Policy Center (CBAPC) recently released a series of resources for educators and policymakers, including a progress report on the United States’ goal to become a world leader […]

How much do your kindergarten teacher and classmates affect the rest of your life?

Economists have generally thought that the answer was not much. Great teachers and early childhood programs can have a big short-term effect. But the impact tends to fade. By junior high and high school, children […]

Difference Between Colleges and Universities

University vs College
The difference between a college and a university is that generally a college offers set of degrees in one specific area whereas a university has a collection of colleges.

For instance when someone goes […]