How Students Fare at For-Profits

Is it in the harshly critical investigative reports that stitch together one damaging anecdote after another to suggest that the institutions prey on academically underprepared, low-income students, leaving them with huge student loan debts and […]

How To Choose a College That’s Right For You

The college search doesn’t have to begin and end with the Ivies and the name brand schools. There are many schools out there to choose […]

Going Out of State Can Cost You

If she wanted to save money on tuition, Erin Patterson had to make some money quickly. As an out-of-state student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Patterson needed to earn a certain amount on her W-2 […]

So Many Choices in Life, So Much Angst

After the column about my frustration over being on a college wait list, reader Marni Berendsen of Walnut Creek, Calif., suggested to read an article titled “The Tyranny of Choice” that she’d read in the […]

Making an Easy Re-Entry Into the Work Force

If you’ve been unemployed for months and have finally found a job, you’re likely thrilled at first. But anxiety often follows that excitement. Starting any new job is hard, and coming back to work after […]

Foreign Institutions and Diploma Mills

There is an important distinction between foreign institutions and agencies that accredit foreign institutions. The U.S. Department of Education does not recognize foreign accrediting agencies, however, accrediting agencies that have been recognized by the Secretary […]

Important Questions About Accreditation, Degree Mills and Accreditation Mills

  • How can I determine if an institution or program is accredited by a recognized accrediting organization?
  • What accrediting organizations are recognized?
  • How can I learn more about accreditation?
  • What questions should I ask to determine whether a degree […]

Student Loans Get a Makeover

Families shopping for student loans to help pay for college this fall could find it easier to get a federal loan—and will probably pay less, too—as new laws relegate private lenders to a smaller role. […]