Is higher education fit for the global urban era?

Our era of ‘global urbanization’ — one where the majority of the world’s population now lives in ‘urban’ areas – raises some interesting opportunities and challenges for higher education systems and institutions. This […]

180 Private Colleges Fail Education Dept.’s Latest Financial-Responsibility Test

A total of 150 private nonprofit colleges failed the U.S. Department of Education’s most recent financial-responsibility test, which covers the 2010 fiscal year, according to data released by the department on Wednesday. […]

France to Allow Work Visas for More Graduates

French officials are planning to soften their stance on limiting working permits to foreign college graduates and to reconsider recently rejected work-visa applications after criticism from students and heads of universities, the […]

How to Go to Medical School for Free

Peter Bach, of the Memorial Sloan—Kettering Cancer Center, and Robert Kocher, of the Brookings Institution, argue that medical school should be free. In a May 2011 New York Times […]

At U.S.-India Summit, Leaders Call for More Collaboration in Higher Education

The first U.S.-India Higher Education Summit, held here Thursday and attended by more than 300 academics, business leaders, and government officials, showcased plenty of good will between the two countries. But it […]

Can Antioch College Return From the Dead Again?

The long corridors of Antioch Hall are dark. The fluorescent lights, perhaps 50 years old and never updated, do not work. The vinyl floor tiles are loose. There are cobwebs and puddles on […]

The Debate Over Online Learning

In an opinion piece Thursday on the blog Inside Higher Ed, two former governors — Jeb Bush of Florida and Jim Hunt of North Carolina — argue that America’s public universities must […]

Decolonising our universities: time for change

In late July we posted an entry (‘Decolonising our universities: another world is desirable‘) that profiled a conference statement reflecting significant unease regarding the dominance of the ‘Western’ model of higher education, […]