Start Your Own Business in College

Texas Tech University junior Daniel Vitiello is pulling in more than $25,000 per month off other people’s pain in the tech. Vitiello, a self-described “household handyman,” founded an iPhone repair business in July […]

Does Innovation Have a DNA? Education Applications…

I stumbled across this blog post today: Does Innovation Have a DNA? — and I immediately started to connect this with the work that we do in education…

In the post, the author explains […]

Getting Strong Teacher Recommendations for College Admissions

I recently attended a presentation by several current and former college admissions officers on the use of teacher recommendations in the college admissions process.

There wasn’t any startling information provided by the panel but […]

Many Specialists at Private Universities Earn More Than Presidents

While generous compensation packages for college presidents have come under increasing public scrutiny, other university employees often earn far more.

In fact, of the 88 private-college employees who made $1 million or more […]

State Colleges Also Face Cuts in Ambitions

When Michael Crow became president of Arizona State University seven years ago, he promised to make it “The New American University,” with 100,000 students by 2020. It […]

Some Schools Help Forge Direct Path From B.A. to M.B.A.

According to Veritas Prep’s annual survey of M.B.A. applicants, which the Calif.-based GMAT test prep and M.B.A. admissions consulting company plans to release the latest edition of on Sept. 26, the number […]

Full Sail University Graduate Brad North Wins Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Award

Full Sail University is proud to recognize Full Sail graduate Brad North on his personal nomination and win of a Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Award. North won in the category of “Outstanding Sound […]

Maximize Medical School Visits

Understandably, many medical school applicants worry about their prospects for admission. Premeds typically apply to a strategically selected swathe of schools chosen for their location, numbers, and at times, […]