Top 5 Websites to Buy/ Rent Textbooks

Someone has rightly said that textbooks are your best guide when it comes to studying. There was a time when a student’s biggest problem with textbooks was how to cart the heavy tomes along to class every day. Today, the increasing price of textbooks is another area of concern. Other than providing you with digital copies of textbooks, the World Wide Web also offers options to those who just can’t do without the feel of a book in their hands. Instead of buying brand new textbooks at highly inflated prices, students can now opt to rent textbooks or buy them cheap second-hand. These are the top 5 websites for those who are looking at renting textbooks.

1. Better World Books – If you are looking to save on your weekend money, then buy or rent textbooks from Better World Books. They are relatively cheaper than your university bookstores and come with zero shipping charges. Besides that, books are donated to people in need, for every order that you place with Better World books. It is a good cause to support and help someone else meet their needs, so rally up and buy cheaper books.

2. Chegg – Another interesting site to rent textbooks would be Chegg. With every order placed with the site, they plant a tree! It functions similar to other textbook renting websites and the site also has online versions of the hard copies. It is cheaper to buy and rent books from Chegg for as low as $25. They also have a good collection of textbooks catering to various areas of study. You can place your orders for books that are not available and still read their online version, until the hard copy arrives.

3. Neebo – It is the only website that promotes buying, selling and renting textbooks, project materials, backpacks as well as stationery items. For all your academic needs, come to Neebo and browse through their stocks. It is easy to sell used textbooks and rent as well for a very small fee. There are no hidden charges and zero shipping cost for all your orders.

4. – Rent textbooks from and get free shipping for orders placed above $49. The site houses vast collections of study books during fall season and lets you return the book at the end of the semester for free. Moreover, is associated with eBay, thus enabling you to sell the used books on their website at the end of your semester.

5. – offers more than 10 million copies of textbooks on their site. This site offers rental services to students, wherein you can browse online versions and place orders. Like any other book renting site, they offer free shipping charges for books returned at the end of the semester.

These websites are best suited for students who are looking at saving money during their university semesters. With textbooks getting expensive, these websites have offered a better alternative to students in need of books.


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Stephanie Colaco is a freelance writer, editor and former HR professional. An Honors college graduate, she spends her free time helping students/professionals achieve their academic goals by publishing articles and creating blog posts that answer their many questions on educational websites. Connect with her on Google+.