Top 8 Websites and Blogs for Culinary School Students

Every culinary school student is unique, but they all share a love of food and cooking. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best blogs around for culinary school students. These blogs will teach you new tricks to use in the kitchen, offer up delightful recipes or offer you a real life insight into the struggles and joys of culinary school.

1. The Dish (

The Dish offers its readers a virtual smorgasbord of culinary information. It was written by a culinary student while they completed their education and provides a real insight into one student’s journey. You will find posts about a variety of struggles this student faced including allergies and ( communication breakdowns ( The blog writer has since graduated and gone off on other adventures, but the comprehensive archives offered on The Dish are still packed with valuable information.

2. Food Republic (

Food Republic is written for men in the kitchen. It offers recipes, interviews, kitchen tips and more for the aspiring chef, culinary student or seasoned cook. All of their posts are well written and entertaining. Culinary students might especially enjoy this post ( entitled 5 Things to Know Before Culinary School.

3. My Baking Addiction (

Many aspiring chefs love to cook, but find baking a bit more intimidating. This blog takes the fear out of baking with beautifully photographed recipes, helpful tips and tutorials on fundamental baking skills.

4. Budget Bytes (

What do you do when you love to cook, but can’t afford expensive ingredients like filet mignon or sun dried tomatoes? Head on over to Budget Bytes for great recipes that don’t cost a fortune. These affordable recipes are perfect for penny pinching students.

5. Blog ( was created by a home cook and stay at home dad that wanted to embrace his love of food. He shares his insights and adventures on his website and blog. This blog features a variety of mouth-watering recipes with clear, easy to follow instructions. On his website you will also find tutorials and information covering many basic cooking techniques like roasting, braising, poaching and more. (

6. VegKitchen (

Vegetarian cooking isn’t typically covered in depth in culinary school. If you want to master this cooking style, you will need to practice on your own. VegKitchen offers vegetarian and vegan recipes, book reviews and more. Make this site your first stop when you need vegetarian information.

7. The Mija Chronicles (

Have you ever wondered how cooking school experiences might vary from country to country? This blog is for you. The Mija Chronicles offer a segment of posts known as Tales of a Mexican Cooking School Student. These posts will walk you through a culinary school experience in Mexico while providing you with great recipes to try. This blog is a must read for culinary students looking to add a little culture to their blog list.

8. The Fresh Loaf  (

Bread lovers and artisan bakers can share their trials, recipes and experiences on this tasty site. It features an active forum, links a variety of baking blogs and more. While not technically a blog, you will find the resources on this site worth checking out.

Enjoy exploring these great sites and keep cooking. Culinary school will help you to develop important skills, but a love of food and a passion for creating are equally important if you want to succeed.