What Can You Do With An Operations Management Degree?

Operations management sounds interesting and important, but what does it really mean? Basically operations management involves overseeing day to day activities for a company. This can be anything from creating policies to handling staff to making budgets. Let’s look at a few of the career possibilities available to those with a degree in operations management.

City Manager- Studying operations management will prepare you to oversee a variety of different things, including a city. City managers work with the city council to create budgets, manage staff and resources and recruit business. It might take several years and a lot of experience to work up to this position, but this is a wonderful career opportunity for those looking to better their communities with an interest in government.

Retail Management- Do you love to shop? If you answer yes, you might enjoy working in retail management. This job will involve overseeing the daily operations of a retail store. As a retail manager you might hire and train employees, adhere to company budgets and help resolve customer complaints. Many people work in retail as they get their degree and then promote to a management position once they have the necessary qualifications. If you work for a large company, successful store management could lead to other opportunities like corporate work.

Hotel Management- There are many opportunities available for those interested in hotel management. Large hotel chains may hire shift managers to oversee periods of time during the day. Smaller hotels may have a live in manager. The ability to deal effectively with customers is critical for this position. You will also find that hotel management will require variable hours, often including night and weekend work.

Property Management- Property managers handle everything about a property from finding tenants to overseeing repair and handling contracts. In addition to your degree you may also need a real estate license to work in this field.

Construction Management- Those with experience in the construction field may enjoy working in construction management. Contractors might find that a degree in operations management will make them more effective in their daily work. Others will oversee a project and work directly with the contractor. This is a great career field for those with and without construction experience.

Agent or Manager for a Public Figure- Artists, actors, celebrities, athletes and other public figures use agents and managers to find work, book appointments and handle their schedule. This career can be very exciting and, if you have the right client, very lucrative. Some agents or managers handle multiple public figures while others may only work with a few select clients. Sports teams and other entities may need a manager as well.

Business Consulting- If you have a knack for helping businesses to run effectively, you might want to work in consulting. Consultants provide outside knowledge to companies that need a little extra help.